PDGF-B secreted from skeletal muscle enhances myoblast proliferation and myotube maturation via activation of the PDGFR signaling cascade

Myokines, secreted factors from skeletal muscle, act locally on muscle cells or satellite cells, which is important in regulating muscle mass and function. Here, we found platelet-derived growth factor subunit B (PDGF-B) is constitutively secreted from muscle cells without muscle contraction. Furthermore, PDGF-B secretion increased with myoblast to myotube differentiation. To examine the role of PDGF-B as a paracrine or autocrine myokine, myoblasts or myotubes were treated with PDGF-B. As a result, myoblast proliferation was significantly enhanced via several signaling pathways. Intriguingly, myotubes treated with PDGF-B showed enhanced maturation as indicated by their increased myotube diameter, myosin heavy chain expression, and strengthened contractile force. These findings suggest that PDGF-B is constitutively secreted by myokines to enhance myoblast proliferation and myotube maturation, which may contribute to skeletal muscle regeneration.